I Know What to Write

I know what to write. I am not afraid to share my message. We all have the inner strength and power to bring ourselves out of misery. To rise above the sadness of our modern world, while ensuring we aren’t ignoring the suffering of others. We can solve world hunger. We can end wars. We simply need to stop fighting with ourselves.

Deep down, you know who you are. The perfect path of your life will lead you to discover this truth. The journey is essential. Being lost is a part of your story. Everything you experience provides an opportunity for growth and healing. You are exactly who you are supposed to be. Your inner desires, your wants, your needs, your fears – your anxieties and cravings and mistakes – they are part of your wholeness. As you learn to step into your power, you will grow in your strength and learn to release and let go of the energies that do not serve your higher purpose. Your dreams are not crazy; they are intentional. Your relationships are not flawed; they are teachers. Your failures are not permanent; they are switches. Only through experiencing the difficulties of the material world and the darkness within that is part of your wholeness will you be able to shift and learn and practice and teach what you are here to do.

Find what lights your soul on fire. Do whatever it takes to minimize distractions. Experiment with your health and seek alignment so energy doesn’t get stuck in your physical body and habits. You have something to offer this world that only you can offer – you. Thrive in your quirks. Share your heart. Know when to hold steady and be in your truth in silence and action. Simply by being you – and unbecoming who you are not – you are completing the wholeness of our world and encouraging others to do the same. Pay attention to what affects you – negatively or positively. Only focus on what you can control. Remember to take breaks. Be not afraid of loneliness. Solitude provides time to reflect and refocus. Be not afraid of vulnerability. As we come out of solitude with open hearts and clear minds, we can rise together, working in harmony to build the perfection that already is.

Conflicts are opportunities to practice conscious communication and express ourselves, by expressing our love. Loving ourselves leads to loving others. Loving others leads to loving all. Loving all is all there is.

Pain and suffering that exists in our world is here to remind us of our darkness. Light cannot exist without the dark. When we come out of the dark, our lights shine brighter than ever. In the dark, we are able to discover new areas that need attention, action, healing, or thought. Both are good. Because both are. Dark. Light.



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