Identity Crisis

I’m having a bit
Of an identity crisis
I tried on many different outfits today
Nothing feels quite right
I feel uncomfortable
In my body
Like it’s laughing at me
Waiting for me to take it off
I don’t know how
To present myself
Dressing up
For a special event
Has my mind
Replaying old memories
Flashing with images
Of characters
I used to play
This is my chance
To be the real me
The now me
And to practice
Radical self-compassion
Allowing myself
To be where I am
To trust
This body
And all its messages
My body feels
And stuck
And unloved
It is telling me to love it
To nurture it
To make decisions
That are nourishing
Don’t destroy
This is my last drink
Quite possibly ever
I’ve said that before
But this could really be it



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