Love Letter

This is a love letter to remind you that you are so worthy of love. You don’t need to compromise… You don’t have to defend yourself for who you are. You can simply be. The right people will lift you up. Those who don’t will not phase you.

You are capable of recognizing healthy relationships and opportunities. You have infinite possibilities to offer to others and the world. Be true to yourself. Be the best you. And don’t doubt your intuition. Your heart, gut, and spirit are intelligent. Your drive to help others and love openly, while always evolving, is bringing you abundance and nourishment. I’m so fucking proud of you. 

Let yourself observe, explore, inspire, and rest. It’s not only ok - it’s beautiful - that you thrive with others, and in the midst of change and movement. It’s who you are. You are perfect, and you are learning. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Continue protecting your inner peace by spending time in self-reflection before you go back out there. Your creativity is unique and fruitful. In your last relationship, you learned the importance of honesty, self-love, and constant reflection, work, and communication. 

You have the potential to change the world – in fact, you already have through your healing. 

The love you showed in your darkest hours still matters, but the healthy love you cultivate when you regard boundaries and protect your energy has incredible potential to sustain and nourish all parties more deeply. Get. hyped! 

There are no failures too great, or mistakes to regret. Like nature, you are adaptable and instinctive. Don’t hide your passion. But do share it mindfully, with intention. Restore balance without resistance to your inner power and relationship possibilities. You make others stronger, and they do you.



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