Jack was nimble
Jack was sweet
He sometimes followed
At our feet

He had a soul
Full of gold
His heart
It gently beat

His eyes
They knew
Whether me
Or you

Exactly how to make
One feel like
Things were ok
Exactly how to soothe

His life was far from easy
But retirement served him well
He had a loving family
Who gave him Heaven after Hell

We miss you very much, sweet Jack
Our memories are clear
Our lives are so much richer
Because of you, your love, your ears

This time
It feels surreal
Our hearts
Are broke yet full

Your presence
Is sorely missed here
Yet your spirit
Lingers on

Thank you for your leadership
Thank you for your care
Thank you for your cuddles
Thank you for your hair

We love you, Jack
No matter near or far
We’re grateful for your friendship
It’s shaped just who we are

We know you’re truly
At peace now
As much as it’s hard
To bear
It feels like you’re still
Here somehow
A gift from the great elsewhere

Thank you for your company
Thank you for your state
Of love and peace and happiness
That you shared despite your fate

I don’t know what to say to you
I know that you can hear
I’m glad God gave us time with you
I feel like you’re still near

I love you, sweetest Jackbean
Our family cheers you on
We’re grateful we shared
Some life with you
It’s ok that you’re gone



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