How can I make this obstacle the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me?

I can write from a broken place
I can find my own light
I can release my attachment
To physical sensations
I can fight this darkness
With all my might

When I say fight
What I really mean is embrace
This darkness is here
And its lessons are divine

I have
More questions than answers
I want to know
Why, when, and what for

The deep truth is always within me
A truth I can’t ignore

Everything I want is extra
Everything I need is within
Everywhere I go is abandoned
Everywhere I stay is here again

Perfection is here
I am sure of it
There’s nothing I need that I lack

Perfection is real
No denying it
There’s really no need for life hacks

The light from inside is illuminating
The fears and the choices I face
There’s nowhere to go but inside
There is nothing to fear when it dims

The universe explodes when we pause for it
The universe thrives on a whim
The only real thing I am lacking
Is acceptance and grace of its hymn

The song I am singing
Is dynamic
The message I hold
Stuffs my throat

I have to let all of this out
Not with pride or to gloat

The light that I found inside me
Is inside of each one of you, too
The spirit that holds us together
Is far more powerful than glue

It is me
It is you
It is us
It is true

Abundance is here
It is calling

Now what will you choose to do?



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