The Haunt

You still haunt 

My dreams

I still fear

The desperation in your eyes

I still fear

The part of me

That runs

So fast

So far gone

I met someone new

He scares me too

Mostly only 

When I think of you

I fear

Running into you

I fear

The things you’ll say

I fear 

The things you said

You really got me

I guess I got you too

I don’t want to let you hold me back

But you do

And you know it, don’t you?

I don’t want to villainize you

But it helps me make sense

That this was all

A scheme

A plot

A haunt

Do you villainize me, too?

I cared about you

And feared you

At the same time

That’s right

I know the haunt was real

And not just in my mind



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